Good air!

People with pollen allergies can breathe freely

Treating diseases of the airways has been and still is a speciality of the Bad Reichenhall sanatoriums. Many thousands of people have found relief and have come to value the alpine air at Bad Reichenhall. And that is still the case today.


Facilities at the Predigtstuhl were therefore designed from the start for the demanding public coming to Bad Reichenhall for the good of their health. The mountain air on top of the Predigtstuhl is ideal for alleviating the symptoms of all types of diseases of the airways – and is particularly beneficial for asthmatics and those suffering from pollen allergies.


Concentrations of the eight most significant types of allergenic pollen in Germany (hazel, alder, ash, birch, sweet grasses, rye, mugwort and ragweed) are virtually undetectable on the Predigtstuhl. House dust mites and mould spores do not make it to the top of the Predigtstuhl either. The Predigtstuhl is virtually allergen-free.

1928 statement by the

Bad Reichenhall district association of medical practitioners:

“For all those who are ill, the opportunity of enjoying mountain air without exerting themselves is highly beneficial. The absence of dust in the rarefied air, the stronger insolation are factors that have a significant effect on the human breathing apparatus and blood composition, and the good visibility, the awareness of standing high above the valley floor calms the nerves and frees the spirit.


A stay in the mountains can be used in a number of ways, both at rest and on the move. Rest cures and sunbathing, already beneficial in low-lying terrain, turn into genuine pleasure at that height; compared to undertaking them at low altitudes, their effects on metabolism, breathing and blood formation are increased significantly.”