A warm welcome to you!

There are numerous hiking opportunities on the Predigtstuhl and in the Latten Mountains. We

would like to propose three hikes to you from the top station of the Predigtstuhlbahn:


Wanderwege Predigtstuhl

For hiking loversThe small panorama walk

The panorama walk (blue) starts at the top station. From the Mountain Restaurant it leads in a wide arc onto the peak of the Predigtstuhl and back via the Schlegelmulde Alpine Hut. The walk takes between 30 and 40 minutes. The path is also suitable for people who have no experience of mountain walking and are not wearing climbing boots.




A little more demandingThe mountain forest experience walk

The mountain forest experience walk (red) does not lead to the highlights of the panorama walk until the return journey. It is somewhat more demanding and takes the hikers downhill towards the mountain forest on a path called Moosensteig, departing directly from the right-hand side of the Mountain Restaurant. The route then crosses the unmanaged “Obere Schlegelalm” en route to the Schlegelmulde Alpine Hut to then follow the alpine climbing track back up to the peak of the Predigtstuhl. The walk takes around one hour. Sure-footedness and sturdy footwear are recommended.




For experienced mountain hikersThe alpine round trip

From the Schlegelmulde Alpine Hut, the path (black/yellow) leads across the Hochschlegel and then in a wide arc onto the Karkopf from the south. Visitors should schedule two hours for this trip. They can expect marvellous views all the way into the Berchtesgaden Basin for their efforts.

The black route demands absolute sure-footedness, a head for heights and climbing boots. But it does provide a treat for mountain and nature lovers.

The different routes can be combined, and those who have a further hour to spare can take a detour to the Dreisesselberg.


Predigtstuhl Alpinpfad