The leisurely route

Ascent from the west 2

on Röthelbachstraße from Baumgarten / Saalachsee, Trail No. 475

Around 4 hours walking time. Suitable for families. Parking available either at the starting point or at the Predigtstuhlbahn station (approx. 4 km). Parking is free in conjunction with a one-way or return ticket for the Predigtstuhlbahn. Bus stop Baumgarten, Route 828.


The trail initially rises steeply uphill from Baumgarten on a forest road along the Röthelbachklamm, leading deep into the Latten Mountains. The forest road splits half-way, one track leading towards Moosenalm and the other towards the Predigtstuhl. Mountain bikers can continue riding on to Moosenalm. The track in the direction of the Predigtstuhl eventually changes into a hiking trail.

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