Travelling with Children


Family ticket

The family ticket is cost-effective because it is valid for two adults and two children up to 16 at a very family-friendly price. This takes the cost of a return trip per child down to 5 euros. Every additional child only costs an extra 3 or 4 euros. Children up to six travel free anyway.

Pushchairs and prams

The buildings, platforms and cabins of the Predigtstuhlbahn have protected status as a heritage site. As the infrastructure cannot be modified, there is no barrier-free access to the platforms and cabins of the Predigtstuhlbahn. For this reason, we can only transport collapsible pushchairs.


Once arrived at the top, both the path on the Predigtstuhl peak and the path to the Schlegelmulde Alpine Hut are suitable for pushchairs.

Babies and small children

When travelling on the Predigtstuhlbahn, visitors overcome a difference in altitude of over 1000 metres in less than ten minutes. To facilitate equalisation, it is advisable to give your child a dummy or something to drink or chew. This will automatically have the effect of clearing their ears.